#3 – MOVE, ROTATE, SCALE AND CHANGE COLOR – Blender 2.8 tutorial

This Blender tutorial for beginners learns how to move, rotate and scale objects. Further you learn how to align objects with the camera and change the material color.

The Blender 3D for beginners tutorials series guides you through the world of Blender. A video is around 10 minutes and shows you step-by-step how to make the scene. The website contains the course material including the .blend files used in this tutorial.

👉 More Blender 3D tutorials and projects at https://blender-tutorials.com

🇳🇱 Deze tutorial in het Nederlands https://youtu.be/fdr522sk66g

▷ G = Move (grab)
▷ R = Rotate
▷ S = Scale

▷ F12 = Render Image

During moving, rotating, scaling:
▷ Ctrl = Stay on grid
▷ X = Lock X-axis
▷ Y = Lock Y-axis
▷ Z = Lock Z-axis

🇳🇱 Deze tutorial in het Nederlands https://youtu.be/KT5B9IN5Q68

00:22 Moving
04:35 Rotating
06:06 Scaling
07:27 Aligning the camera
09:48 Material color
12:41 Conclusion

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