3D Design Blender Tutorial: Reconstructing archaeology Baalshamin temple Palmyra in Blender part 8

This is a series of videos explaining the process of hand reconstruction as opposed to Photogrammetrical one. This allows the creator to include theory in the reconstruction and is not only based on what is left of the building.

The tutorial is good for Blender beginners or anyone who wishes to start working on archaeological reconstructions in 3D, a discipline which has been placed behind all the theoretical archaeology and not appreciated or valued as much although it is a very useful and flexible tool.

Some of these reconstructions, the tutorial will show, take a painstakingly long time and are just glanced at for a few seconds by university academics to then be told: “Pretty, but where is the more important theoretical nothingness which we value more than usefulness? where are the philosophical theories of how anthropological philosophy thinks that whatever you interpret or create has no meaning? Where are the interpretations we write which are only comprehensible by the writer himself ?”

If archaeologists spent more time developing alternative skills such as 3D design, it would enhance their way of interpreting and allow the general public to understand the science and appreciate it complementing the long grey literature tomes of theoretical philosophy that are popular in academia nowadays or the long papers which are as exciting as watching paint dry in a humid evening…

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