A quick Blender Tutorial about Fog

Okay I have some explaining to do.

A few months ago, my channel got a large boost of subscribers and when you have subscribers you got views and people look at videos that they like. Well about four months ago, I released a tutorial that stood there on my most recent uploads for months. I have made several attempts to create a new video but all had to be shut down due to it either being in low quality or the idea just generally being bad. Today, I was about to record a video that I intended to release no matter what happened. It was going to explain why I wasn’t releasing any videos. But the microphone cable that I was using bent a bit and is no longer able to fit into the USB port. Now I will tell you why I was gone off of Youtube for so long. I was just bored. When I created this channel, it was a place where I could put animations without the knowledge that dozens of people could watch it. After the subscriber boom. I started to make videos quicker, at one point I was making two videos every week. But I got burned out, I had no ideas, no motivation. And I just forgot about it.
I will return, one day, but for now, I don’t know

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