Blender 2.8 Tutorial: Project Cloud – [Stylized Sci-fi Planet Surface]

In this video I wanted to continue the Sci fi Space Theme with another Stylized planet surface.

The Idea was to create a simple Canyon scene with some Fog, Clouds and a bridge (for our focal point) snaking off into the distance. For the Clouds, I used the Shader Library addon which you can download for free here:

I created the Cloud Shader for this tutorial and so it still needs a lot of work to not only look good but to be easier to use.. That being said, it will be addressed shortly (time permitted)..

If you want to download any of the assets used in the video you can find the download links in the blog: (Scheduled for upload)

I know this video is quite long but I wanted to fit in as much as I could. Hopefully you will find it useful!.

Free Textures :

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