Blender Channels You May Not Have Heard Of – Great Content You're Missing Out On

This is a guide to Blender tutorial content you might be missing out out so make sure you check out these channels, subscribe and support the creators 🙂

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Learn to model, rig, texture and light appealing 3d characters in Blender.
(affiliated link)

Lots of game based tutorials – unity not just blender
Well presented with good detail
Well taught
Solid channel With commentary

Darkfall – Visual effects
Lots of visual effects type workflows
Matte painting
Created his own node for VFX
Well put together
Easy to understand
With commentary

Royal Skies LLC
Bigger channel
Quick tutorials
Well worth watching each day to pick up quick tips
Well described
Useful and detailed commentary
Easy to understand

Very detailed.
Good in depth techniques -Hard surface modelling, texturing
Particles – Started doing live streams

Dylan Neill
Not loads of videos but good quality
Industry experience – professionally put together -experienced users

Crossmind studios
Very detailed in depth -Industry perspective – Great content
Product design and motion graphics

Level Pixel Level
Modelling and Rigging
Excellent detail – Really easy to understand -Grease pencil – not many doing that – Lots of content

Dev enabled
Game dev focus – Unreal engine and unity – coding -Some 2d stuff
Substance painter

Someones channel
Smallest channel -No commentary- But doing hard surface modelling techniques

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Learn the basics of Blender 2.8 :

Recommended paid for beginners course from CG boost:

recommended graphics tablet:
I use a graphics tablet to paint with and my recommendations are written below:

Ultimate Buyers guide –

Normal Graphics Tablets
Normal Graphics Tablets
*Cheapest + FAVOURITE:*
Veikk a15
US –
UK –
Gearbest (best price) –

Veikk a30 – great alternative is a15 not available
Amazon UK –
Amazon US-

*Most sturdy and with tilt:*
Huion h610 pro v2
Amazon US –
Gearbest best price –

Display Tablets
*My Favourite*
Best price – GearBest
Amazon US –

Heard good things:
Huion Kamvas GT
Gearbest – 15 inch
Amazon UK – 13 inch
Amazon US – 12 inch

*Money no object :)*
Cintique 22”HD
Amazon UK
Amazon US

*What I use*
Mobile studio pro
UK – pro 13
UK – pro 16
Amazon US –

Sketchfab :
Patreon :

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