Blender Keyblade Tutorial Part 4: Materials and Rendering
Part 4 of my 4 Part Keyblade Tutorial series where we will model the iconic Kingdom Key in Blender 2.83 and take it all the way to the final render in Evee! Subscribe and like if you want to see more content like this. Feedback always appreciated.

This series assumes you have a basic knowledge of the Blender UI and tools or are familiar with another 3D app, though complete beginners will still be able to follow step by step. While I will be doing things as vanilla Blender as possible, explaining how tools function, and calling out hotkeys used, I would be remiss not to show the addons I use and workflow enhancements they provide. Many addons are free, but if I use a paid addon function, I will also demonstrate the vanilla Blender way once before I proceed to speed things up through the use of addons. There are plenty of super beginner Blender tutorials out there that don’t show any clever tricks or cool workflows, so see them for the very basics. Here you’ll find a great place to start if you are a 3D Artist making the switch to Blender and want to get up to speed and fluent quickly.
Blender scene file free on Artstation Marketplace:

Shout outs and Web Links:
Machin3 on YouTube:
Machin3 Addons on Blender Market (also on Gumroad):

MasterXeon1001 on YouTube:
HardOps and Boxcutter on Blender Market:–boxcutter-ultimate-bundle

BoxBot Tutorial using BoxCutter by Rachel:

Modifier List Addon (free):

Screencast Keys Addon (free):

PureRef Reference Viewer:

Fan art. Not affiliated with Kingdom Hearts, Disney, or Square-Enix.

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