Blender Semi Procedural Edge Wear Tutorial

Get the source files to this Tutorial here:

Today we are looking at how to semi procedural make an edge chipping effect for your meshes inside Blender 2.8 using the modifier stack and basic modelling.

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Important Blender 2.8 Shortcuts:

Shift+A to add new mesh or object
Ctrl+J to join objects

1, 2, 3 selection type (3D view)
1, 2, 3, 4 selection type (2D/UV view)

Left / Right mouse – Select
Shift adds to the selection
Ctrl makes a path to selected

Ctrl+L selects all connected

E – Extrude
I – Inset
Ctrl+B – Bevel

G – Move
R – Rotate
S – Scale

F – Fill
x – delete menu

Y – Split
K – Knife

Alt+M – merge
G+G – Edge Slide

Shift+D – Duplicate selected

H to hide selection, Alt H to unhide

U for Unwrap menu
W – context menus (Right Click Select)
Right Click – context menus (Default Left Click Select)

Shift+Tab – Toggle Snapping
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – change snapping option

Z – Shading menu

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