Creating a Splash with Mantaflow – Blender 3D

#mantaflow #blender #simulation
Welcome to my new tutorial
and this chapter is about creating a splash in mantaflow.
This is actually a remake of one of the chapters from the previous tutorial called – ‘Using CGI for product advertising’. Since the blender fluid and the smoke system got reworked, some of you suggested and needed help with this part in mantaflow.
So that is what we are going to today.

I will only cover the fluid part if you want to see the full tutorial you can click on the link in description or just check out our playlist section.

complete series playlist-

Windows 10
Dual Xeon silver 4114 2.2 GHz ( 2 processors 20 cores)
Quadro P 4000 GPU – 8GB
64 GB 2400 Mhz DDR 5

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