Cube Tricker 2 tutorial – Buildbox tutorials and Blender

So am going straight to buildbox and start working on the game background….

Let design the UI first….

So we will need some buttons here.. which will be use to control our character through out the game..

Am going to make the game in such a way that the character will automatically move forward….

so the game will need three buttons..

go left, go right and stop.. maybe if we gonna need any buttons as the tutorials go on. then we add… So this is how to add a button to your game.. now let design the button… I have couple of png images am going to use so let me go and grab them….

I think am done with the controls,,, now let test it and see.. Ok some problem

Let be delete the already created buttons and try again.. Ok the problem is from the png pics.. so i have changed them…. I think am done with control tutorials, let end it here for today

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