Cube Tricker 3 tutorial using Buildbox, Blender and Android Studio




So guys welcome.. and we gonna continue with our game dev. so today, am going to design the game levels… so let start…

let me get rid of the cube because we get our own objects….

importing our assets into the game.. good and nice…

ok if you design a 3d object in blender and you import it to buildbox, the scale increase so you need to downscale it… by double clicking on the object or character from the Object library.. Good and nice.. so this will be the game platformer.. and i need to duplicate it because we gonna set code for each objects if needed… to duplicate, you need to press combination of ctr and d..
nice and good..
so let take this as level 1. so that long object will act like an obstacle (enemy) and if our character get contact with it, game over….

gonna duplicate it..

ctr + shift will allow u to select multiple objects.. am going to add only three obstacles here so that our game will run smoothly.. more objects on a particular scene lag game performance.. so take note.. let set the three object to kinematic because we will let them move without falling unless dynamic..

if a user is able to complete and beat the three obstacles and the character get contact with the level, then game (level) complete

it will be nice.. trust it.. that is where our character will start from… so we are done with level one….

i will see you in next level 2… byee..

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