Epic Space Battles – Blender 2.8x – Part 1: Creating An Asteroid Field

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Welcome to part one of this new and exciting blender tutorial series!!! In this episode we create about a billion stars, thousands of asteroids and some nebula… in 40 min. Buckle up! This is just the start of what will eventually be a very EPIC SPACE BATTLE. Subscribe to get notifications when each new episode launches. We’ll be covering some exciting material through this series including, explosions, lasers, creating narrative and structuring a scene, dynamics and collisions as well as some clever tricks for using Eevee and Cycles together! Hope you’re pumped! Additionally on Patreon, patrons will be getting access to an exclusive mini-series covering the creation of the hero space ship, and the evil spider bot ships that I’ll be using in the main series. Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/CBaileyFilm Let’s jump into it!

Helpful reference:
Understanding Modifiers: https://youtu.be/vSWE8Yftf8o
Explanation of Normals: https://youtu.be/VvKlomD0jV8?t=834
Explination of the Bump Map Node: https://youtu.be/VvKlomD0jV8?t=935

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