Grease Pencil Map Path Animation Tutorial (Blender 2.8x)

How to make Indiana Jones style map path animation with Blender Grease Pencil?
Watch this quick & easy tutorial and learn how!

1) Open Blender to 2D animation, add your image (Images as planes addon that comes with blender helps)

2) Scale the image up and move it where you want to start your animation (s hotkey) & (g hotkey for moving)

3) Choose Grease Pencil object, go to materials, set stroke mode to line OR dots, choose your stroke color, stroke strength to 1, increase radius, and select your tool and draw the lines (you can adjust dot spacing with mouse wheel)

4) Add a build modifier, tweak the lenght (how fast it animates) and parent the grease pencil stroke with the image (drag in outliner or ctrl+p)

5) Animate the image, scroll the timeline and add a location/scale/rotate keyframes with i
(you can also switch to dope sheet and play with interpolations by selecting all and pressing T, or go to graph editor and play there even more)

? Profit!


This works with newer versions of Blender from 2.80 to 2.83 and above.

Btw. 2.82 has more grease pencil tools.

Be sure to try with newer builds, but be careful and don’t use with real production files.

If you put in some effort, you’ll be able to do some nice animations!


Map image:

Adventure font in thumbnail:

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