How to model a car in Blender 2.8 with proportional editing – tutorial timelapse

Today we’re going to model a simple Toy Car of my design using Blender.

I always create my designs first on paper, but once I transfer the ideas into the 3d software, the design often evolves, sometimes changing considerably.

This video is a part of the Random object modeling series. You can check out the rest of the series on this link
If you want to follow along with all the steps, and recreate this exact model yourself, I suggest you set the speed of the video to 0,25. That way you can follow the tutorial with no problem. But If you’re just here for the speed build timelapse, just sit back and enjoy the video as is, or you can even double the speed.
In the lower right corner of your screen you can see what I’m typing
The rendering is done with the Cycles engine, but I kept it extremely simple.
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