New Find Shortest Path node in Animation Nodes in Blender – Tutorial

I have added the new Find Shortest Path Node in the Animation Nodes + Extra Nodes for Blender. This node is based on Dijkstra’s algorithm which is a single source. However, I have implemented it in such a way that it can not only handle the multiple-sources and a mesh that has multiple-islands. It can be used in many areas of CGI.

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Procedural Materials with UV Nodes in Animation Nodes in Blender – Tutorial:
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To install Extra-Nodes you have to follow the steps which are in the ReadMe file in the “newnodes” folder. Or you can download the compile-build of animation nodes from here,
compiled Animation Nodes with Extra Nodes for Blender 2.8x:
Windows –
Linux –
Mac –

Extra Nodes Download Link For Blender 2.79:
Extra Nodes Download Link For Blender 2.8x:


Animation Nodes:

Music: “Sincerely” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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