The Full Apex Legends Blender Tutorial (Model Extraction, Shading, Transparency, Posing, Animating)


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0:00 Introduction
1:34 Installing the Required Programs
2:18 Setting up Blender
3:25 Exporting
5:55 Overview of the exported files
11:10 Importing models
15:00 Shading and applying textures
18:28 Transparency
20:00 Applying textures “timelapse”
27:59 Skip the “timelapse”
28:25 importing animations
30:25 Posing
31:09 Making an Animation
33:18 Set Up your scene
36:30 Exporting
37:50 Tips and Tricks
40:05 Outro


Music I use:


My Specs:
Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 2070 Gaming Edition
CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600X
Mainboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk
Monitor: Samsung C24F396FHU
2nd Monitor: some old TV
case: Azza Onyx 260


Editing Software: DaVinci Resolve


If you have any more questions feel free to ask me in the comments.

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